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Our Vision

The heartbeat behind the vision is not only to finish what our grandparents started but also to establish systems that better lives, communities and Tulsa. Our passion is to increase the quality of life within the communities of Tulsa starting with the GIBBS Shopping Center. The vision is to build up and impact lives. We believe that it is more effective to build a service center that directly connects with individuals and families verses a mini mall that merely sells products. Through our various services and products, we will begin the process of working toward a healthier Tulsa. We will be providing services such as after school education programs, childcare programs, business classes, business seminars and community outreach and more.

Our goal is to help people apply the principle taught through these services to everyday life. Our desire is to also partner with other community minded companies that share the same vision of reaching out to make a better, healthier Tulsa. Not only are we impacting the younger generation, but we will also uplift the older generation by offering programs beneficial to their needs. We believe that bringing services such as the mobile grocery store and the Good Samaritan Health Van will build a positive atmosphere and help make the communities stronger. We are excited about the completion of GIBBS Shopping Center because it will create new job opportunities that will feed back into the communities and ultimately restore families and reduce poverty statistics. We believe and envision that this is the start of something contagious and life changing. Tulsa is moving in the right direction and we are pulling up our sleeves to join in and help build a better Tulsa!

Vision Board



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