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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that the needs of the whole community are being met through developmental programs, businesses and community events that are offered via the Gibbs Next Generation Shopping Center.

GNG will help provide the necessary resources and support to the community through the following:


North Tulsa

By revitalizing commercial property located at 612 E. 46th St North. Property will be used to attract and retain small businesses to ultimately generate employment and generate sales tax.

Event / Creative Art Center

Helping foster excellence in the areas of education, wellness, and social well-being; offering youth aerobics, film and music production, performing arts, dance and various training courses. Will also focus on having activities for the elderly.

Small Business Courses

Offered to help assist business owners in growing and developing their business, which will create sustaining businesses and lasting community impact.


Parking Lot

Open for various mobile health units to come and service the community such as:

Partner with Low Income Schools

Providing a safe and healthy environment for children in need of after school care and tutoring. Programs consisting of Creative arts,
Music lessons and Computer labs.

A Difference
Impacting Lives Right Next Door

- Good Samaritan Health Van

- Oklahoma Caring Van

- Ellis Fischel’s Mammography Van

- Mobile Grocery Stores

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