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Our History

​Leroy & Ernestine Gibbs affected Tulsa in amazing and memorable ways! The Gibbs brought 52 years of economic development to the North Tulsa community. They owned Gibbs Restaurant, Gibbs After Five, Gibbs Hardware and Gibbs Convenience Stores. Ernestine Gibbs was a retired school teacher and race riot survivor who lived to tell her story, and worked to impact her city. LeRoy Gibbs was a charter member of American State Bank, the Affiliated Foods Association, the North Tulsa Business Association and the North Tulsa Heritage Foundation. He also was instrumental in the founding of Hutcherson Branch Family YMCA.. The two of them built strong foundations throughout Tulsa, and worked to leave an impact that would forever be remembered.


As the grandchildren, from one of the 1921 Race Riot Survivors who lived to tell her story, along with a trail blazer and visionary locked into Tulsa’s history of great men, we would like to do the same and continue the heart beat of building a better city!

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